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Organic fresh, cold-milled oats


Harvested in the late summer sunshine on Prince Edward Island, these organic golden grains are fresh milled on demand for perfect oatmeal with an incomparable taste and texture.

To prepare these oats, we cold-mill and do not steam or dry the flakes at high heat to extend shelf life. No chemicals or preservatives. Pure, sensible old-fashioned nutrition.

Our family enjoy oatmeal each morning with apples & cinnamon. You can try home-made granola, overnight oats, energy balls, adding to smoothies and to baked goods. Absolutely delicious.

Please note: our oats are not certified "gluten-free" and are NOT recommended for celiac diets. There is a risk our oat grains could have come into contact with organic wheat grains. Individuals who choose to eat gluten-free make up a large part of our customer base.