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Our Story

Heatherdale Wholesome Goods offers an organic harvest of Pure Oils & Artisan Fare.

Our families have worked the land for generations - first in Ireland and Scotland, now in Canada. Farming requires hope and perseverance; constant faith that those tiny seeds will bring good yields. The grains and seeds used for Heatherdale's products are nurtured in fields which roll down to the red cliffs and sandy beaches of eastern Prince Edward Island.

In the past, we allowed others to take on the important work of preparing our harvest for your kitchen. With the care that goes into our sustainable farming practices, it was only natural we expand to offer a pure, nutritional line of Certified Organic wholesome goods.

The co-founders of Heatherdale Wholesome Goods are siblings and each bring expertise in different areas of growing and preparing food. Each of our products will provide a taste experience linked to the unique micro-climate of the field and the weather - we know because we can track every step.